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Nicolas Cointe

Postdoc scholar in Artificial Intelligence

Delft University of Technology
Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management,
Department of Engineering Systems and Services,
Transport Policy and Logistics (TLO) section
Member of the BEHAVE project

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As a postdoc in TU Delft I am now working in the BEHAVE team under the supervision of Pr Caspar Chorus and in collaboration with Dr Amineh Ghorbani to investigate the concept of information regulation strategies and moral decision making in Multiagent Systems.

Our main area of research is complex decision making processes modeling. We are more particularly interested in taking into account an evaluation of the social impact of a decision. When agents are able to observe the behaviour of the others an aware of being observed, we assume that they should not only evaluate a decision in an individual perspective, but also anticipate the reactions of the others. Then an agent can evaluate the information given through its own behavior to any potential observer and anticipate the impact on its own reputation. Our proposition lies in the definition of an information regulation strategy to minimize or maximize the information given to an observer and the incorporation of these strategies into artificial societies. We evaluate and analyze the impact of the resulting behaviors at the scale of a multiagent system. We mainly use cognitive agents approaches, especially the Belief-Desire-Intention agent architecture, to design, implement and run simulations and to observe the emergence and dynamics of social phenomena.

I also appreciate to discuss about my vision of AI and its applications, especially the ethical concerns and social impacts.

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This research is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No. 724431)

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